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AURIS W9 Tone Arm

Elevate your vinyl listening experience to new heights with the exceptional Auris W9 Tone Arm. Meticulously crafted with precision and uncompromising quality, this gimbal tonearm is expertly constructed using carbon fiber or milled aluminum, ensuring an unparalleled smoothness throughout your music journey.
Designed to perfection, the Auris W9 Tone Arm glides effortlessly on six ball bearings, offering an extraordinary level of fluidity. Its distinctive aluminum joint and antiskating system further enhance the listening experience by floating gracefully on two ball bearings, minimizing friction and delivering exceptional VTA adjustment of 10mm.
Indulge in the captivating, true-to-life sound of your cherished vinyl collection with the included Van den Hull® wires, meticulously chosen to complement the Auris W9 Tone Arm. These premium wires ensure optimal signal transmission, preserving the integrity of the music and revealing its finest nuances.
Unleash the full potential of your audio setup with the Auris W9 Tone Arm. Immerse yourself in an audio realm where every note comes alive and every detail is faithfully reproduced. Experience the pinnacle of vinyl listening with the Auris W9 Tone Arm - a masterpiece that transforms your music into an extraordinary sonic adventure.

Auris W9 Tone Arm Specification



Effective length

Mounting distance

Effective mass

Tilt Angel


Catridge compliance

345 gr / 0.76 lbs


229 mm / 9"

211 mm / 8.30"

12 gr / 0.026 lbs


18 mm / 0.7"

6-14 gr / 0.013-0.030 lbs


Raster diameter

Mounting hole

Arm Tube





3 x M4 screws

43 mm / 1.69"

30mm / 1.18"

1mm wall thickness - carbon

Van den Hul

DIN 5 male

10mm / 0.39"


User Manual


Hole positions on the base