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Vivace - Reference Pre Amplifier

Couple of years earlier, Auris Audio had Largo and Piano tube pre-amplifiers, aesthetically designed in Auris elegant leather-wood style, which were a real refreshment in the Audio industry.

After many years of development, and designing, Auris Audio guided by years of experience, created one of the great reference pre-amplifier called VIVACE, which represents a true piece of art. In creating VIVACE, Auris Audio uses the latest innovative technology, as well as carefully selected premium components, which promises to be an outstanding sound experience.

As we all know, the pre-amplifier is the center point that connects all the essential parts of the audio system and puts them together into the beautiful entirety. The new Auris Auido pre-amp VIVACE is something you want to have as a heart of your system. Reference line pre-amplifier VIVACE excels analog 3xRCA and balanced 3xXLR inputs, along with the analog 1xRCA and balanced 1xXLR outputs. The vacuum tubes that are inside aluminum chasis are carefuly selected and equipped with selected low-noise tube 1 x ECC88 and dual triode 2 x ECC82 tubes which Provides a very smooth sound with well-defined tones.

Auris Audio is always seeking for perfection in sound and appearance and we all know that High-End does not allow any compromises, so having this in mind, the perfect match for the reference pre-amp VIVACE would be Auris Audio Forte 150 mono block, whose pairing was the idea to create the ultimate perfect Audio System for You.

SE (BAL Input) 300mV (XLR) 3V (RCA) 0.60% >85dB
BALANCED (SE input ) 150mV (RCA) 3V (XLR) 0.30% >90dB

Product Specification

Class operation
Vacuum tubes

Single Ended
1 x ECC88, 2 x ECC82
3 x RCA, 3 x XLR

Dimensions W x L x H
Weight per piece

1 x RCA, 1 x XLR
470 x 520 x 188 mm
Not included

Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.