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Nirvana IV 

Introducing the Nirvana IV - High-End Desktop Headphone Amplifier

Experience the ultimate in audio excellence with the Auris Audio Nirvana IV, a high-end headphone amplifier designed to deliver uncompromising performance and stunning aesthetics. Engineered with state-of-the-art technology, this stylish and full-sized amplifier is a masterpiece in both form and function.

Unleash the Power

Harness the power of the Auris Audio Nirvana IV, featuring a single-ended technology with an impressive 6.5W pure class A per channel. This amplifier is capable of effortlessly driving a wide range of headphones, from easy-to-drive dynamics to planar magnetic ones. With its extensive compatibility, it ensures an optimal listening experience regardless of your headphone choice.

Unparalleled Sound Quality

Prepare to be immersed in sonic bliss with the Nirvana IV. It employs iconic EL34 tubes renowned for their ability to deliver deep, tight bass, sweet mids, and extended, detailed highs. The Nirvana IV showcases an impeccable balance of clarity, precision, and airiness, revealing intricate layers of music that transport you to new heights of audio euphoria. This amplifier strikes the perfect harmony between warmth and tube smoothness, creating a truly heavenly soundstage.

Technological Marvel

The Nirvana IV is built upon a foundation of cutting-edge technology and carefully selected components. Its tubes, meticulously chosen and pre-tested, offer an impressive lifespan of 10,000 hours. Powered by the iconic EL34 by Electro Harmonix, a mainstay in British amplifiers, and equipped with the low-noise ECC82 by Tung-Sol, this amplifier achieves optimal performance and fidelity. The transformers, manually wound on double C cores, are manufactured in-house to meet stringent requirements. High-quality components from renowned brands such as Mundorf, Rubicon, and Wima ensure a premium audio experience.

Exquisite Design

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the Nirvana IV boasts a robust and durable aluminum case that exudes elegance. The external power supply unit, connected to the main amplifier via a high-quality 1m long umbilical cord, adds a touch of sophistication. The top of the amplifier showcases two glass-protected transformers, while easily-accessible sockets hold the tubes securely in place. Backlit VU meters provide a visual feast for the eyes, and the dual headphone outputs (4-pin XLR + 6.3mm stereo) allow for convenient listening options. With three dials/selectors for output impedance, volume, and inputs, along with two pairs of RCA inputs and a pair of 3-pin XLR power input on the back panel, the Nirvana IV offers exceptional versatility and ease of use.

Compact Footprint

The Nirvana IV has a compact footprint that fits seamlessly into any audio setup. With dimensions of 312mm (W) x 332mm (L) x 220mm (H) and weighing 11.4 kg, it is designed to occupy minimal space while maximizing performance. The PSU, housed in an aluminum chassis with proper strain relief, measures 144mm (W) x 204mm (L) x 74mm (H). This allows users to position it next to the amp or at a maximum distance of 1m, considering the length of the interconnect cable.

Product Specification

Tubes 1 x ECC 82 , 2 x EL34
Amplifier Configuration Single Ended
Input Sensitivity 1.4 V
Power output: max 6.5 W
Output Impedance 32/80/150/300/600 Ohm
Analog Inputs 3 x Line
Dimension WxLxH 312x332x220 mm
Wight 11.4 kg
PSU Dimensin WxLxH 114x204x74 mm
PSU Weight 3 kg

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