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Fortissimo - Hi-End Integrated Tube Amplifier, offering 100W per channel

Introducing the Auris Fortissimo - a veritable beast that sets a new standard in high-end audio amplification. Designed in Push-Pull technology, it combines raw power with sweet mid-range tones, exceptional delicacy, and everything one could expect from truly hi-end equipment. Prepare to embark on a musical journey like never before, as the Fortissimo unleashes its unrivaled performance.
This extraordinary integrated amplifier boasts a remarkable output of 100 watts per channel, delivering an abundance of power to drive even the most demanding speakers with ease. Equipped with a pair of KT-120s output tubes operating in ultralinear pentode mode, the Fortissimo provides effortless compatibility with a wide range of speaker configurations. Even the most challenging setups, such as driving passive monitor ATC SCM 100 speakers, are handled with finesse by this Auris powerhouse.
The sound quality produced by the Fortissimo is no accident. Its quartet of Tung-Sol KT-120 tubes, working in a push-pull configuration in the A/AB class, along with four ECC99 double triodes from JJ Electronic, deliver a sonic experience that transcends the capabilities of most amplifiers on the market. With a frequency response extending from 15 Hz to 50 kHz and a signal-to-noise ratio surpassing 85 dB, every nuance and detail in your music is faithfully reproduced. The manually adjustable bias of the output tubes ensures extended tube life and reduced noise when set correctly.
Prepare to be captivated by the stunning design of the Fortissimo, as it stands as a lovely electronic work of art. Its massive metal casing, adorned with elegant wooden side panels featuring the company logo, exudes a sense of refined craftsmanship. The amplifier features an input selector, volume control, remote, and a basic system for adjusting the output tube bias. At the back, you'll find three unbalanced inputs, one XLR input, loudspeaker outputs with 4 and 8 Ω terminals, and a three-bay power socket with a main switch. When placed in a room among other gear, the Fortissimo commands attention and leaves a lasting impression.
The Fortissimo's performance is simply awe-inspiring. It effortlessly builds a realistic musical event in your listening space, captivating you with its depth and control in the bass. The soundstage is described as solid, deep, and meaty, complemented by a sophisticated midrange that brings clean and natural vocals to life. With its remarkable ability to recreate a lifelike musical experience, the Fortissimo creates a sense that the musicians are performing exclusively for you, right in your own room. It unveils subtle details, such as the cellist's breathing and occasional sighs, positioning them distinctly in three-dimensional space above and in front of the instrument.
Adjusting the bias of the output tubes is a straightforward process, involving the small potentiometers located on the top plate and behind the tubes. Once properly adjusted, the tubes maintain their desired bias current for an extended period. A small milliammeter on the top plate shows the values for each tube individually (V1, V2, V3, V4). When the stable value of 55 mA is reached, the measurement can be repeated after one hour to ensure optimal performance.
The Auris Fortissimo is not just an amplifier; it's a testament to uncompromising quality and courageous design. It is a pinnacle of hi-end tube amplification that pushes boundaries without compromise. With its commanding presence, unmatched sound quality, and meticulous attention to detail, the Fortissimo stands as a top-flight product that is sure to captivate audiophiles seeking the ultimate in musical enjoyment.
Experience the Auris Fortissimo and elevate your audio journey to new heights. Immerse yourself in the grandeur of its sound and witness the union of power and finesse like never before. Prepare to be captivated by the Fortissimo's breathtaking performance and let the music take you on an extraordinary sonic adventure.


Don't just take our word for it. Renowned audio experts have praised the Fortissimo for its exceptional performance:
„The first listening test literally punched me into the floor. The loudspeakers exploded with dynamics and huge soundstage. Fortissimo needed thirty minutes to convince me it's one of the best amplifiers I ever reviewed. That's just the fact." - Tomasz Karasinski, StereoLife Magazine
„I throughly enjoyed my time with the AurisAudio Fortisimo, and if you are in the market for such a product in the price range, I reckon you might enjoy too. It‘s a top-flight product well worth seeking out, so I‘d advise you to get right to it!" - John Richardson, Part-time Audiophile

Product Specification

Output power 100W RMS
Class operation A/AB
Configuration Pentode - Ultra linear
Vacuum tubes 4 x KT120, 4 x ECC99
Inputs sensitivity 1.2V
Input impedance 100kOhm
Inputs 3 x RCA/XLR
Outputs 4 & 8 Ohm
Frequency response 15Hz - 50kHz
S/N > 85dB
THD % <1% / 1W , <5% / 100W
Power supply 230V ( 110V, 115V, 220V, 240V on request)
Power consumption Power consumption
Dimensions W x L x H 490 x 447 x 335mm
Weight (kg) 30
Not included