• AURIS Tangenta HAWK

    Stepping into the world of Super-High-End!
  • HA - 2SF - A star that shines again!

    The star has been born again and the successor of the famous H...
  • Vivace - Reference Pre Amplifier

    After many years of development, and designing, Auris Audio guided by years of experience, created one of the great reference pre-amplifier called VIVACE
  • Nirvana - High-End Headphone Amplifier

    Gorgeous looks, superlative build quality - a headphone amplifier that oozes luxury (Hi-Fi News review, by Ken Kessler...
  • Euterpe - All in One!

    All-in-one amp that encompasses four key functions: a pure tube Headphone Amplifier, Pre-amp, a DAC and a Stand!
Auris Audio, back to Nature!

Full product line-up with Audio Amplifiers, Speakers, Preamps, DACs, and even more

Officially founded in 2013 with the philosophy rooted in superior design, natural materials and sound, a company is located in Serbia. A team of dedicated audio engineers engaged in designing High end Audio Amplifiers, Headphone Amps and Speakers, which provides an authentic listening experience. Auris seem to be part of the rising pack of new bolder audio designers.



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