Auris Phonio

Auris Phonio is a phono stage that will give a unique warmth to your vinyl sound. It is designed to accept very low and very high output phono cartridge signal levels because it has adjustable gains between 43.2 dB and 69 dB. Phonio also provide the correct RIAA equalization in order to obtain a flat frequency response.  Phonio uses two separate circuits dedicated to both moving coil and moving magnet cartridges and avoid compromises.


  • Perfect RIAA curve
  • Advanced topology
  • Superb dynamics
  • High performance switchable MC & MM stage
  • Linear Power Supply



Auris Phonio incorporates innovative design and thus Phonio has two entirely separate high performance phono stages. Each stage has its own separate input sockets and input pre-amplifier circuit.  This will allow you to use any cartridge without compromise.

Phonio is a specially designed ultra low noise THD  Phono Pre Amplifier with the best components. Low-noise MELF resistors were used as well as WIMA capacitors, with the combination of which we came to the desired and perfect RIAA curve. 

Sound Plus operational amplifiers are connected in an advanced topology that delivers precise RIAA equalization and retains all the good sounds, while suppressing noise and bad harmonics that create an uncomfortable feeling while listening.

Audio Grade Electrolytic Capacitors were also used, which proved to be the best at low frequencies, so that the sound obtained has a very precise and powerful bass.

Phonio has MM and MC inputs that you can easily choose. It also offer various resistive and capacitive loading options in order to optimize the sound of the MC cartridge.

The aluminum case of the Phonio screens the internal circuit from any RFI signals, while keeping the EMI of the power transformer far away from phono stage. 

In the power supply we have an ultra low noise LDO combination with over 5000uF of filter capacitance. It has thermal overload and short circiut. Inside of the Phonio there is again low noise LDO-s in combination with BJT-s ultra low noise power supply topology.

Linear Power Supply

The power supply is adapter, 12V / 3A, and for even better characteristics, our linear power supply can be used. In the power supply we have an ultra low noise LDO combination with high capacitance capacitors whose density is> 5000uF, so that we get stability and low noise.

Loading Settings


Left/Right MC Loading Resistance
1 and 2 off = 400 Ω
1 only on = 150 Ω
2 only on = 100 Ω
1 & 2 on = 70 Ω



3 and 4 off = 1000 pF
3 only on = 2000 pF
4 only on = 3200 pF
3 & 4 on = 4200 pF



Left/Right MC Gain
2 only on - low gain = 60 dB
1 only on - middle gain = 66 dB
1 & 2 on - high gain = 69 dB



Left/Right MM
Gain = 43.2dB
MM input loading   47kΩ in parallel with 150pF


Max input level [at 1kHz]
Max output
Freq. Response [20Hz-80kHz]
RIAA accuracy
Input sensitivity



0.005% at 1V



725mV [5mV input]

4mV/ Low gain

>70.5dB low gain at 1V Bandwidth 100Hz – 22kHz

0.025% at 1V Bandwidth 100Hz – 22kHz 




[0dB High gain]: 0.5mV for 740mV output

[-3dB Mid gain]: 0.5mV for 500mV output

[-9dB Low gain]: 0.5mV for 250mV output

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