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Poison 88

The new loudspeaker generation is celebrated by successors of, now well know, Poison series - Poison 8 & Poison 88.

This pair represents, so far, the most accomplished concept of Auris audio, in technological and musical sense.

Poison 88 represents  a 4-way, high end loudspeakers with 3D option.

Like its "younger brother", Poison 88 is also made  by the skillful hands of  Auris craftsmen.

With its recommended power of 10W to 150W, Poison 88 fills the room with harmony and an indescribable musical feeling, that has to be experienced to be understood.

Bi-amp configuration is providing the best possible results.

This "gentle"giant definitely enters the race for the best pair of speakers in the class.

NOTE: Minimum space occupied by one speaker is 600 x 800 mm. Recommended space occupied by one speaker is 1000 x 800 mm.
  • Poison 88 1
  • Poison 88 2
  • Poison 88 3

Product Specification

System 4 way with 3D option
Finishing materials Genuine leather and walnut wood
Nominal impedance 4 Ω
Sensitivity (1 W / 1 m) 93 dB
Power handling 10 W - 150 W
Speaker terminal WBT
Available leather color Black or White
Dimensions (WxDxH) mm 153 x 390 x 1502
Weight (pair/kg) 70 kg
Crossover 250 Hz / 3500 Hz
Cables Not included
Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

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