Perfection of craftsmanship, using selected premium components and clean and neat building of every single device, is the imperative of Auris team.


Poison 4

Poison 4 are floor-standing, three-way bass reflex speakers. Leather and wood combination, distinctive design, Mundorf components for Crossover, Fountek drivers and Beyma brought Auris wanted resu...

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Poison 8

Poison 8 are a 4 way, 3D loudspeakers, hand made from natural materials that have became a trademark of Auris Audio brand. With recommended power handling from 10W – 100W this beauty shows superla...

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Poison 88

The new loudspeaker generation is celebrated by successors of, now well know, Poison series - Poison 8 & Poison 88. This pair represents, so far, the most accomplished concept of Auris audio, in t...

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Poison 1

The modern age technologies expand our viewing points, but also leaving us with too little space for our music gadgets. Compact devices are taking over High End market making small, powerful and hi...

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Poison 2

The inspiration for developing 2-way monitor speakers in classic, vented design, came right from the market with increased demand for sensitive speakers and reasonable price. Poison 2 – classical, ...

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Poison 3

How to get the exquisite sound from a small sound boxes? – by using Poison 3 speakers of course. Based on the idea that many audiophiles don't always have the space to set up large systems, becaus...

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Exclusive speaker stands by Auris. The perfect match with Poison 1 speakers.

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Exclusive speaker stands by Auris. The perfect match with Poison 2 speakers.

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