Perfection of craftsmanship, using selected premium components and clean and neat building of every single device, is the imperative of Auris team.


Euterpe - Headphone Amplifier

Headphone tube amplifier/DAC/PreAmp/Stand Designed in a single ended configuration, Euterpe is an integrated audiophile asynchronous DAC xMos/ESS Sabre. Integrated in a piece of art chassis (thank...

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Two chassis Headphone Tube Amplifier Nirvana, as it's name suggests, is designed to take you to the state of absolute blessedness – nirvana. The idea was to make amplifier that, besides premium q...

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Headonia, as its name says, provides pure pleasure in listening to your favorite notes and share that beautiful experience with someone else. This headphone amplifier can drive two pairs of, same o...

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All functional units and operating principles of integrated amplifiers are also applied to the Auris headphone amplifiers design. The amplifier has a wide frequency range and excellent response. H...

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