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Donald DAC

Dual power supply Digital to Analog Converter

Donald DAC will bring you the best High Performance solution to enhance your audio system. Matched analog output up to 32bit/384 kHz and DSD 256 will allow you sound level consistency, and patented DSD processor guarantees the best processing HI-RES and MQA files.

  • Small size and attractive design
  • Cirrus Logic CS43198
  • From Mp3 to MQA
  • Complete and accurate sound.
  • Ability to add external power.
  • Quality of workmanship.
  • Support for the latest formats.


Despite its small size and proper shape, the Donald DAC has a rather attractive design. The device is made of metal, while the front and back are made of plastic in a high-gloss finish and trimmed with prominent frames. Although it can be mounted horizontally, the Donald DAC is designed to stand upright, as evidenced by the inscriptions on the unit and the stand that comes standard. The finish is very good, so Donald DAC's build quality exceeds the standards of its price range.

An increasingly popular USB-C port is also used to connect to the computer, which also serves as a power source, while an analog output in the form of standard quality RCA cinch is housed above it.

The inside of the device is filled with a printed circuit board bearing, as well as a Hi-Res Audio certificate logo. Of the most significant components, here we use the USB controller XMOS 200 series, while the position of the D / A converter is a 32-bit circuit CS43198 of the American company Cirrus Logic.

Supported formats From Mp3 to MQA

In terms of supported formats, the Donald DAC accepts PCM resolutions up to 384 kHz and 32 bits, native and DoP over DSM (DSD over PCM) resolutions up to 11.2 megahertz (DSD256), DXD (352.8 kHz / 24-bit), and the increasingly popular MQA codec.


One of the most important features of the device is the clear and clearly displayed tones. Donald DAC delivers a very good implementation of state-of-the-art solutions, and this is reflected in the audio. The notes are nicely formed and have a full body.

The mid-tone part of the spectrum insensitively complements the lowest tones and, overall, the Donald DAC features very well-tuned bands, resulting in a comprehensive sound image without the impression that anything is missing. The tones are displayed directly and without beautification, so the tested device will show the disadvantages of poor production without hesitation.

The treble is responsible for stage width, among other things, and the Donald DAC achieves very good results in this regard. The soundstage is as wide as the rest of the system allows. Donald DAC adorns with excellent separation and pronounced stereo effect, while keeping all the threads in hand and during complex sections.

Dual Power Supply option

By combining with external power supply, high-resolution records, the sound will get even better definition, but also more vivid, sparkling tones throughout the range. The color and discreet overlays between the tones will become more pronounced and the sound will get one temperamental and energetic line.

Enhance your home Hi-Fi System

EarMen also thought of the audiophiles that this DAC would use as part of the home Hi-Fi system, so another USB-C port is available, which is only for connecting external power. All sound lovers know that quality power can greatly contribute to reproduction. For the indication, a large brand logo was used on the front, which in blue illumination signals that the device is powered by a computer, while red illumination indicates the presence of external power.

Supported formats:

PCM 384kHz/32bit,



MQA Rendering

DAC: 32 bit Cirrus Logic CS 43198


Input: USB-C - DATA/Power Supply

USB-C - External Power Supply

Output: RCA

Dimensions: L * H * W (mm) 114 x 80 x59



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