Perfection of craftsmanship, using selected premium components and clean and neat building of every single device, is the imperative of Auris team.


Fortino 88

Constantly striving for the perfection of its products, the Auris research and development team dedicated the days of hard work from which the new Fortino88 amplifier was born. Fortino88 is Superio...

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Allegro is integrated amplifier with direct heating of output tubes and stabilized voltage of input tubes heating. This provides defined sound from input to speakers - in addition to strictly def...

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Adagio 2A3

Adagio is a crucial part of Auris integrated amplifier offer which comes in two variants: Adagio 300B and Adagio 2A3. The 2A3 is an integrated amplifier with special DC heating of output tubes an...

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Adagio 300B

Adagio 300B is a variant of Adagio integrated amplifier. They differ in output tubes, output transformers and heating voltage for output tube, which results in the quality of Adagio amplifiers with...

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