Review: Auris Audio Headonia - Extraterrestrial

March 09, 2018 IMG AurisAudio Headonia Review Once again, Mr. Lieven Vranken from Headfonia, was amazed with our headphone amplifier, this time Headonia. In his words " the whole team at Auris Audio deserves a pat on the back for the excellent work they did creating this beauty.” Thank you Headfonia for this nice words, it is always our pleasure to satisfy our fellow audiophiles.
Also in the review:
"I don’t know who the designer at the Auris company is, but he/she deserves a medal. The beautiful Headonia not only is an amplifier, it’s a piece of art. I am using it in my main living room setup where it’s visible for everyone to see. A beautiful and well sounding amp of this kind deserves the center piece spot, it’s that simple. Personally I prefer the black version over the white one, but my wife doesn’t agree.
The wood, leather, buttons, switches and connectors: everything is beautiful and perfectly built. There are no crooked lines, no glue, no loose leather, moving switches or whatever: the build quality is perfect. I don’t have a list of components used on the inside of the amplifier, but I’m sure they’re top quality brands again...
Headonia’s level of detail is very high and this goes for the bass and mids as well as the treble. Everything from top to bottom is excellently layered and you get both a very wide as well as a seriously deep sound signature. The separation is spot on and the spaciousness is right on the money: you get a nice airy sound but not overly so that it becomes holistic and it’s in no way concentrated. The level of clarity is very high and the sound is always presented in a clean way.

When you’ve been writing reviews week after week for the last 9 years, you kind of get used to the really great gear and the awesome sound quality that comes along. I’m not complaining in any way but it does get harder each time to get really impressed by the performance of a specific unit. With the Headonia that feeling was present again, and that can only mean it has something really special. Something extraterrestrial.”

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