Newest Headonia headphone amplifier review

February 26, 2018 IMG Headonia Review "It is great, it is stunning in its beauty...” this is how the newest Headonia review starts.

Listening to Giuseppe Verdi's "The Trovatore", our reviewer Namer Levy said:
"The level of detail here is phenomenal. The level of separation is also excellent, the hysterical dynamics and performance moved the earphone half a meter from my ears. Even in the crescendo moments, I find myself completely overwhelmed by the performance of this headset.
The best result I have ever heard in headphones and not even the best headphones I know.
Beyond the fact that it is detailed and transparent. It is natural and very balanced. The only way I can describe it's ability to reconstruct human voices is to say that this is one of the "right" results I have heard. I'm not just looking at it's abilities in detail, dynamics, stage, speed and micro detail. I'm talking about the tonal texture, the tonal richness. I am talking about ability to convince the listener that there are live singers in front of him/her. The orchestra behind the singers is presented in the correct ratio, the distance between the soloists and the orchestra is presented in the sound exactly as they are shown in the picture. And gentlemen, no matter how you turn it, stunning!
I could start and end it with- "Let's not talk any more. You have the money? Go buy it.”... Climb a table and applaud the engineer.
This sound makes you understand why headphone lovers stop communicating with family members, sitting on the armchair, risking pressure sores and adult diapers just to get some more of that sound. Its dynamics, resolution and refinement are seting a standard that is difficult to find elsewhere.
It will put you in a huge park with the band in front of you, in classical music it will take you to the best place in the hall and if it is a cathedral – also. In jazz you will be able to smell the studio you recorded and with electronic music you will find yourself moving in the seat as if the party is in your living room. This is the best amplifier I have heard so far. And it is not only the best, it is also the most expensive that is marketed today in the State of Israel. So if that's your thing, and you really use headphones as a tool for music consumption... you will sell the car and fix it. You will not have any good reason to leave the house anyway.

Bottom line: The first product I just could not find even one drawback - despite the price.”
Read the full review here.

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