New Auris headphone amplifier coming soon

April 11, 2017 Auris Evterpe
As Auris took over a great market position, by balancing with top notch quality and competitive prices, his growth was followed by enthusiasm and admiration of many audiophiles, so the idea of making another exquisite headphone amplifier came spontaneously.
Great story of how this amplifier named, you can read here...

As for our upcoming amplifier we had everything we needed except the name, we came up with the idea that the honor of naming this amp should be assigned to our dear audiophiles, admires and friends. So, we made a social network competition for naming the unnamed amplifier, and the prize was no less then this new headphone amp. We got enthusiastic response to this competition and outstanding proposals from all around the world. At the end our newcomer got its name and we got our winner. Amplifier's name is EVTERPE (Euterpe) - inspired by Greek muse of music. The proud owner of our newest masterpiece is Mr Leonidas Kostopoulos from Athens, Greece. Congratulations Leonidas from all our harts.

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