High End surprise for Munich show

May 09, 2017 Auris Headonia & Fortissimo
As it become practice for the Munich show, Auris audio is preparing a High - end surprise - double this time.

Thanks to constant requests and big demand from faithful partners and customers, Auris R&D dedicated day and night of hard work to finalizing newest inventions, so they can be introduced to the audience at the most important high end of the year. - High end show.

We are proud to introduce World premiere of Fortissimo, integrated stereo amplifier and Headonia, single ended tube headphone amplifier.

The latest reinforcement from Auris audio was based solely on market request. Auris marketers "listened" carefully to your demands, wishes and dreams to transform them into something that will "blow your mind" and indulge the ears of most demanding audiophiles. 

If your audio taste requires dynamic (=Fortissimo) or if it is more in hedonistic favor, Auris has solution for you.

Fortissimo or Headonia.
Your choice.

More information about newcomers can be found on official Auris website.


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