Headonia continues to dazzle the world

April 13, 2018 IMG Auris Headonia Headphoneguru Review Frank Iacone from Headphone Guru had some great words for "Serbian masterpiece”:

"After spending two solid weeks of listening with the Auris Headonia I knew I was hearing something special. The Headonia was more of a musical instrument than a component and had my complete attention. The Serbian manufactured amplifier had exceptional speed and delivered large-scale recordings easily. The Headonia never faltered during playback of challenging recordings and always had me in awe of the spectacular musicality it was reproducing. I could hear inner detail in the recordings that were missing in other lesser components. The soundstage ranks as one of the best I have ever heard with pinpoint placements of the performers and non-faltering imaging. The Headonia is a musical instrument that delivers the ultimate in listening and a true end game design for people looking for the best in reproducing the musical experience. The Headonia merits consideration for the best in amplification design currently available. Achieving legendary status is not easy and rarely attainable, but after the way the Headonia performed, was able to step up every transducer it played, it is on its way to greatness and I predict legendary status. For many including myself this could be an end game solution...”
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