Audio Video Show 2016

November 09, 2016 IMG Aurisaudio Show

More Sound Volume, More Detail, More High-End

Audio Video Show gives you the opportunity where you can personally listen and objectively compare so many excellent and true high-end sounds. In one place, without the pressure, without asking, without obligations.

From 4th until 6th of November, Auris Audio presented its sophisticated products at the Audio Video Show in Warsaw.
We started this business mainly because we wanted to enter the hearts of true audiophiles and make them fall in love in our gear. AV Show 2016 showed us we did more than that. For three days, with limited time duration, we had over 900 visitors. Of those 900 one-third consisted of returnees, who were coming out of our room with the sentence: "Still the best sound on the show”.

This appearance of ours was followed by the most important events – world premiere of Poison 3 loudspeakers so powerful and deep that the listening crowd was left in disbelief that such "small boxes” can produce so pure and unbelievable sound. We also made, especially for Poland audience the premiere of Forte 150 mono amplifier that also reached the border of success and justified its name FORTE which is synonym for strength, specialty, talent, special ability, skill, claim to fame.

We don’t want to miss the chance to say thanks to our dear friend and partner– Audio Quest cables that supported us in intention of making this audio performance among the best on the show.

Three days of pure, sole music enjoyment. We are thankful to be able to share our magic with so many press and visitors.

We will keep making our best and each time offer more – more sound volume, more detail, more high end.

Here are some exclusive photos to keep your inner poise.

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