A Star Is Born – Poison 5 & Poison 3

August 05, 2015 Poison5

As Auris took over a great market position, by balancing with affordable prices and top notch quality, his growth was followed by enthusiasm and admiration of many audiophiles. Almost every day Auris INFO SERVICE received recommendation inquiries for, currently the most wanted devices, FORTINO 6550 and FORTE 6550 and POISON series.

By searching for the right combination we decided to design "THE BOXES” that will fit perfectly to our amplifiers.

Poison 5 was created first in a row. Simply, by following a basic rule, without much philosophy around it, we got the solution which thrilled us as well as our friend Sasa Cokic, who suggested to start producing it. Veneered MDF, Mundorf components for Crossover, Fountek drivers and doubled Peerless to raise efficiency brought us the result. A star is born – POISON 5.

Jazz and Classical music lovers are amazed by dynamics coming from Poison series amplifiers and integrated amplifier Fortino 6550. Musical directions such as Blues, Rock and modern music 2000 were abounded by details which convinced us to start series production.

At the end you, our respected customers, will give the final judgment if we achieved our goal.

An experiment with drivers of FaitalPro company, from Italy, unexpectedly brought to life another high end reinforcement to Auris speaker collection.

By expressing a medium range and making the bass more precise POISON 3 enabled Classic, Jazz and vocal music lowers to enjoy entirely in every detail, by using lower power amplifiers.

Similar to POISON 5 by design, but completely different by the sound they provide. Adjusted to the Single End amplifiers the details come to the fore and allows listener to fully enjoy in its favorite notes.

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