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The meaning of song goes deep. Who in logical words can explain the effect music has on us? A kind of inarticulate, unfathomable speech, which leads us to the edge of the infinite, and lets us for a moment gaze into that Thomas Carlyle


Team of Engineers

Auris Audio has an in-house production and team of audio engineers with great professional experience in designing audio equipment. In very close cooperation, this team aproaches each project with the utmost care and devotion and gives the maximum dose of professionalism in order to offer the top notch High End products. Every device is hand crafted.

Using best components and materials, without any compromises on quality, Auris Audio positioned itself among the top manufacturers of audio equipment.
Although we have vast experience and knowledge in the field of electro-acoustics, the company is constantly investing in professional growth of its employees by additional educations, seminars, work-shops...



Many audio enthusiasts enjoy the warmth of a tube amp, because tubes represent a key factor of quality.

For its electronics, Auris Audio uses tubes of different brands and various origins, which have specific features. Every batch is strictly analysed in order to select only the best components.

Vacuum tubes used in Auris Audio products are subject to individual testing and internal inspection, so that only selected and match-paired tubes of the best features are incorporated in our products.

In addition to new vacuum tubes, for some models and upon a customer’s request, we also incorporate carefully selected and pre-tested NOS (new old stock) tubes manufactured decades ago by producers such as RCA, RFT, TUNGSRAM, EI, SIEMENS...



Auris Audio incorporates strictly defined series /batches of capacitors produced by Mundorf, Rubicon, Siemens, Epcos and Audiophiler, Wima. Depending on the product class, we incorporate capacitors produced by leading manufacturers based on technology “paper, oil in foil”, “gold, silver in oil”, “silver-mica”, “ polypropylene – polystyrene ”.



Transformers are the essence of quality, and therefore products of Auris Audio contain only manually wound transformers on a double C core produced by “Trafomatic” or Auris Audio. Every single transformer is manufactured in compliance with strictly defined requirements, thus providing almost a linear characteristic in the whole acoustic/sound range.



Custom made connectors are incorporated into Standard products of Auris Audio, and WBT silver connectors are incorporated into some products of Premium class or upon a customer’s request for the finest sound.



The chassis is at the same time aesthetic and hard-wearing, allowing us to guarantee the performance of our products. They are manufactured from superb materials, primarily intended to be robust and durable, and also to protect against vibration impacts.


Trials & tests

Each of our products is bound by very strict successions of tests and controls executed by highly-skilled technicians.

All assembly stages receive specialized inspections, executed with the help of the most high-performance technology. When any product has some defect during the test phase, it is immediately taken out of the production line.

All areas of design requirements have been thoroughly re-investigated with many new solutions being sought.

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